The Eye is a ferris wheel. It is not a symbol of London. It is not a ‘must-do’. It is not something your drooling grandchildren will scrawl crayon pictures about after hearing your wistful remembrances. It’s an amusement park ride designed to give you a good view of London.

For £17.00!

Yes, for £17.00 over three million people every year get to see London from really, really high up. Is that really something you want? Before you answer that let’s answer a few questions.

1. Have you been to the tallest building in your city? If not, why not? Is it because, perhaps, you don’t care?
2. What do you think you’re going to see up there?
3. Is seeing London from high up in the air something you’ve dreamed about for years? Or is it something you’ve only dreamed about since you heard about the London Eye? If it’s the latter, you are a victim of advertising.

A much better option is to head on over to Primrose Hill or Hamstead Heath. Free to get in and free to look. Bring some food and drinks and you have yourself a nice little picnic.


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